A Conversation About Modern Hip-Hop

Celia interviews Jason Kiwanuka about modern hip-hop; first talking about how Chance The Rapper won a Grammy award after being so successful and “best new artist” after releasing his most recent independently streaming album. This is important news because he is a very popular artist right now that isn’t signed to any record deal. Because of that, he isn’t making any money directly from his music. He has turned down countess offers worth millions of dollars from record companies, and this position highlights how music is listened to today.

Celia and Jason also talk about overall Grammy nominees, and how rapper Desiigner got nominated for one. This is an interesting topic because he had one very catchy and popular song over the summer, but other than that, he really isn’t known for anything else. People are questioning his nomination as many believe he isn’t that great of an artist.


Link to Youtube Video

To read more about Chance The Rapper’s Grammy Award win

To read more about fan reactions to Grammy nominations, including Desiigner

Photo credit for Grammy Award featured image – Photo credit – Dmileson


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