Is It Still Winter In Chicago?

I catch Grant, a junior at DePaul, leaving the library on the cold Tuesday night of March 14th. I ask him what he think’s of the recent snowfall we have gotten here in the city within the past few days, and being from out of town, what he thought of the weather throughout the winter here in Chicago in general.

He responded with saying he isn’t too pleased with the recent snowfall, and is actually – in a way – disappointed with the weak winter we had in Chicago. He explains that it didn’t live up to the hype of being a brutal and cold winter as advertised.


Interview with Grant

Photo credit link to featured image – Kamil Galimski

Link to ABC 7 News reporting on the recent weather in the city

Link to description of Chicago weather for the past 30 days


The Evolution Of Hip-Hop


From the time hip-hop was birthed in late 1970’s South Bronx, it took the country

by storm as the combination of these massive boom-bap beats and smooth slick catchy

rhymes spouted by New York MC’s were blasted on radios and stereos. Almost forty

years later, the culture of hip-hop and the state of rap has majorly transformed as we went

from an age of rap groups like Run DMC and NWA who shifted the game of rap to artists

like Lil Yachty and Lil Uzi Vert who introduced a whole new wave to rap and hip hop

and introduced mumble rap, a sub-genre of hip hop that become very popular within the

last few years.

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